Calendar: What’s The Difference Between Assigning an Event or Sharing an Event?

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To ‘assign’ or to ‘share’ an event: that is the question….

‘Assigned’ and ‘Share’ calendar events perform the same basic function.

Both members receive alerts if they are assigned or shared an event.

However, for parenting time / child visitation, we recommend that the event to be ‘assigned’ to the co-parent visiting and ‘shared’ with kids or other members.
The reason for this is that SmartCoparent will be launching new reports that will calculate co-parenting visitation days, overnights with kids, etc.. These reports will calculate co-parenting time by ‘assignee’  instead of ‘shared with’.


Here are some sample calendar events and recommended calendar setup:


Sample Event 1: Dad has parenting time with kids

Recommendation: ‘Assign’ event to Dad and ‘Share with’ kids


Sample Event 2: Daughter has a school concert (both co-parents are attending)

Recommendation: ‘Assign’ event to daughter and ‘Share with’ co-parent


Sample Event 3: School is closed for Spring Break

Recommendation: ‘Assign’ event to no one and ‘Share with’ all relevant members.

Create another event that involves co-parent parenting time that overlaps during that same timeframe.


Sample Event 4: Dog has to go to vet

Recommendation: ‘Assign’ event to co-parent taking pet to vet and ‘Share with’ other co-parent


Assigning and Sharing events create the same result, but for future enhancements, parenting time should be ‘assigned to’ the visiting parent.


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