What if My Payer Co-Parent Doesn’t Join SmartCoparent?

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Only one person joining SmartCoparent? No problem.


If you are a support recipient, you can enjoy all of the benefits of SmartCoParent without needing your support payer to join.Only your payer’s e-mail address is needed to create support payment requests,  view responses, etc..



How a Support Recipient Can Setup SmartCoParent With Only One Participant



Login or Register your account on SmartCoparent

When you create your first Support Payment Request,  you automatically will be asked to enter your payer details. Don’t worry, SmartCoparent will not automatically send responses to your payer from there, until you request them to be sent.

Select the ‘Select Payer‘ dropdown and enter your payers details:


That’s it. If you send your payment request to your payer, she / he will receive easy to read e-mails and can access the support payment through an on-line link. No need to login to SmartCoparent.


Or, he / she  can view at all payment request status on our FREE on the Payer Dashboard


Both links are conveniently found on the e-mail sent to your payer.


For Free Starter accounts, your support payer will be able to ‘Approve’, ‘Decline’ Support Payment Requests on-line

For Premium accounts, your support payer can also make payments to you automatically on-line through our PayPal link. For more information on how to setup your SmartCoparent Premium account to accept payments on-line, please check click here.