What Does My Child Have Access To On SmartCoparent?

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On SmartCoparent, children accounts are arranged very differently than adult member accounts.

For your privacy and their protection, child accounts only have access to:

  • Shared Calendar
  • Messaging
  • Notes (Private)

Children can view only calendar events that they are invited to or, that they have been assigned to. They cannot see any other calendar events on your account. Children can create events with you, but they cannot invite new members to the calendar.

Children can message with you or other members your invited (such as your co-parent), but they cannot invite new members to message on SmartCoparent.

Children can use the Notes / Journal function for their own purpose.


Children are restricted from seeing all other account features:

  • Expenses
  • Payment requests
  • Payments
  • Expense Dashboards
  • Payer Dashboards
  • Reports
  • User Settings
  • Member Settings
  • Your Private Notes
  • Subscription
  • Etc…

Please see a sample of a typical Adult account setup and a Child account setup:

  1. A typical Child Dashboard setup



2. A Typical Adult Dashboard setup