My Child Is Only Three Years Old. Do I Really Need To Setup Her As A Member?

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Answer: No need.

If you have no intention of having your child participate in the calendar or chat process, i.e. they can’t read yet :-), there is no need to set the child up as a member.


To create events that help you and your co-parent follow child events (day care, babysitter, birthdays, etc..) simply do the following:

  • Go to the left menu and select ‘Scheduling’
  • Select ‘Add Event’
  • Enter event details (title, description, start date & time, end date & time)
  • Skip the ‘Assign To’ section
  • In the ‘Share With’ section select your co-parent or anyone who you want to get notifications of this event
  • Select a unique ‘Customized Event Color’

That’s it. Your event is setup. Anyone you shared the event with will be able to see the event and it’s details on their calendar.

The unique event color will help distinguish this event as a child event for you and your co-parent.


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