I Added My Co-Parent As A Member. What Can She / He See on My Account?

SmartCoparent is designed for co-parents to have sufficient privacy to their accounts, while allowing them to share some information, when they choose.


If you recently added an adult member (i.e. co-parent), they can see a limited amount of information:

  • Calendar: Adults can share calendar events¬† and see calendar events where they are assigned an event or you invited them an event. Adult members cannot see any events that the account owner has not assigned to them or invited them to see.
  • Children accounts. Your adult member can assign and share events to children that your invited.


  • Messaging: Adults can message each other on the in app messaging app. Members can attach files to share documents and contacts through the messaging application.
  • Children accounts. Your adult member can message / chat with children that you invited to your account.


Your adult member cannot see on your account:

  • Your expenses that you do not share
  • Your expenses dashboard (they have their own)
  • Your Payer Portal (they have their own)
  • Your Payment Gateway / Payment settings
  • Your Subscription details
  • Documents that you store and do not share
  • Contacts that you store and do not share
  • *Any other adult that you invited as a member on your account
  • Your Financial or Activity Reports (they have their own)
  • Your Notes / Private Journal

* One point to be aware. If you assigned and event to your co-parent and shared that event to another adult, your co-parent will see all the details of that event (including who you shared the event with).