How Do I Share Some or All of My Contacts?

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We made it easy to share contacts, for members or non-members while ensuring that your privacy remains our priority.

Your members cannot see any of your contacts until you share them.


To share your contacts, we recommend the following steps:SGo to ‘My files’ > select ‘Contacts’

  1. Select export
  2. Enter the contacts that you wish to share on the spreadsheet
  3. Save your spreadsheet

For sharing with members, go to the main menu, select ‘Messages’

  • Select ‘Send Message’
  • Choose your member
  • Create a short title and subject, attach your contacts CSV file
  • Select ‘Send’

When your member receives the message, he/she can simply download the attachment and then import the contacts to his/her ‘Contacts’ files. All of the files will be updated instantly in your members account.

For sharing contacts with non-members, simply send and e mail or text to your contact and attach the CSV file you created.