How do I Add Contacts?

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Adding contacts is very simple.


Go to the Main menu > select ‘My files’ > Contacts

You can add contacts 2 ways.

Either (a) manually entering each contact by selecting the ‘Create Contact’ button,

or by (b) uploading a CSV spreadsheet with your contacts.


To upload contacts via spreadsheet, follow these easy steps on your desktop or laptop:


  1. Click the ‘Export’ button. A pre-defined CSV template will be downloaded.
  2. Enter your contact details or cut and paste the details into each of the appropriate cells in the spreadsheet. Not all details are required to be filled in.
  3. Click save on the CSV file
  4. Go back to your SmartCoparent account > Contacts > select ‘Import’. Choose the file you saved on your desktop and select ‘Upload’.

Your files should be all uploaded onto your SmartCoparent directory!