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How Do I Initiate Indirect Support Payments on SmartCoparent?

Indirect support payments is the act of paying a third party directly (such as a babysitter or music lesson teacher, etc..) instead of the non-custodial parent. SmartCoparent allows you to make payments to third parties via PayPal and register these payments to your non-custodial parent. To initiate an indirect payment to a third party and […]

How Do I Initiate Direct Payments (without a support request)?

This is a Premium subscription function To initiate a direct payment to a payee without requiring to a support request:   Go to the menu and select ‘Send Money’ You will be taken to the payer dashboard On the payer menu, select ‘Create Payment’ Enter the amount you want to pay (it will default to […]

Why Can’t My Support Payer Pay Me On-Line?

To receive and pay support payments on-line, the non-custodial parent must be a Premium subscriber: When a support payer receives a support payment request from a free / starter account, the PayPal payment instructions are blank. The payer can still approve or deny payment requests, but cannot make payments on-line via PayPal: When a support […]

What if My Payer Co-Parent Doesn’t Join SmartCoparent?

    Only one person joining SmartCoparent? No problem.   If you are a support recipient, you can enjoy all of the benefits of SmartCoParent without needing your support payer to join.Only your payer’s e-mail address is needed to create support payment requests,  view responses, etc..     How a Support Recipient Can Setup SmartCoParent […]