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How Can I Store Important Medical and Other Vital Information?

We made it easy to store and access important vital information on SmartCoparent. Storing allergy and other information: 1. Keep the vitals in your ‘Contacts’ file. Go to menu > ‘My Files’ >  ‘Contacts’ > Select ‘Create Contact’ 2. In the ‘Contact Name’ Section – enter ‘Children’s Vitals‘ 3. In the ‘Description’ Section – enter all of the […]

How Do I Share Some or All of My Contacts?

We made it easy to share contacts, for members or non-members while ensuring that your privacy remains our priority. Your members cannot see any of your contacts until you share them.   To share your contacts, we recommend the following steps:SGo to ‘My files’ > select ‘Contacts’ Select export Enter the contacts that you wish […]

How do I Add Contacts?

Adding contacts is very simple.   Go to the Main menu > select ‘My files’ > Contacts You can add contacts 2 ways. Either (a) manually entering each contact by selecting the ‘Create Contact’ button, or by (b) uploading a CSV spreadsheet with your contacts.   To upload contacts via spreadsheet, follow these easy steps […]