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How to Upload Photos / Docs In Chat Message

To upload photos, screen prints or documents on our website or app, please follow these easy instructions.   Go to Menu . ‘General’ , select  “Messages” Select the ‘Attach’ Button Select ‘Send Message’   4. Select Family member, create subject, message and upload attachment. Once the attachment is uploaded, select ‘Send’  

How Can I Store Important Medical and Other Vital Information?

We made it easy to store and access important vital information on SmartCoparent. Storing allergy and other information: 1. Keep the vitals in your ‘Contacts’ file. Go to menu > ‘My Files’ >  ‘Contacts’ > Select ‘Create Contact’ 2. In the ‘Contact Name’ Section – enter ‘Children’s Vitals‘ 3. In the ‘Description’ Section – enter all of the […]

How Do I Share Documents / Photos ?

We made it easy to share documents for members or non-members while ensuring that your privacy remains our priority. Your members cannot see any of your documents until you share them.   For securely sharing documents with members, go to the main menu, select ‘Messages’ Select ‘Send Message’ Choose your member Create a short title […]

How Do I Store Documents?

Storing Documents is very simple. Go to the Main menu > select ‘My files’ > Documents   Select the ‘Create Document’ button Select the ‘choose file’ and select the document from your files from your PC, (or on your mobile device as well). Select ‘ Add Document’.   Your document will be uploaded instantly!   […]